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Teaching Dramatically in Tennessee

I am here for four days following up on the Curriculum-Based Readers Theatre (<—Click here if you want to see a video slide show that explains what Curriculum-Based Readers Theatre—CBRT—is.) work I first did here back at the end of April. I had a lot of fun working with 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders while their teachers observed. The teachers had taken my workshop (the face-to-face workshop—not the online workshop) and this opportunity to watch the strategies in action with real students is always valuable.

In two classes, I demonstrated the collaborative writing of a script with the students. The first script was on the topic of Conflict in Literature. The students decided that the first conflict in their script would be over a doughnut! Here’s a photo of the chart with the start of their script:

The next class and I wrote a Science script about Magnets. Here is the start of that script:

In the third class, I demonstrated how to coach students to deliver a more theatrical performance of a CBRT script. Their teacher loved seeing how their reading fluency and vocal expression improved as we rehearsed the script on the Earth’s Landforms. (You can get a copy of the script on my web site.) I loved seeing how engaged and enthusiastic the kids are when they are actively and creatively involved in delivering the lines in a script and when they make artistic decisions about the gestures and sound effects they believe will enhance their performance.

Tomorrow, I work with middle school students!